Palaeoanthropology is the study of historic human beings as observed in fossil hominid evidence which include petrifacted bones and footprints. Paleoanthropology is the clinical take a look at of human evolution. Paleoanthropology is a subfield of anthropology, the look at of human culture, society, and biology. The discipline entails an information of the similarities and variations between people and different species in their genes, frame form, physiology, and behavior.   Paleoanthropologists search for the roots of human bodily trends and behavior. They are searching for to discover how evolution has fashioned the potentials, tendencies, and limitations of all human beings. For many people, paleoanthropology is an thrilling medical area as it investigates the origin, over millions of years, of the general and defining trends of our species. However, some people locate the concept of human evolution troubling because it could seem now not to fit with non-secular and other traditional ideals about how human beings, other living things, and the arena got here to be. Nevertheless, many humans have come to reconcile their beliefs with the medical evidence In addition to the book of articles, e book reviews, and the abstracts of the once a year meetings, the magazine accepts commentaries on articles, summaries of contemporary work inside the various fields of paleoanthropology. Articles are completely peer-reviewed and may contain big information files, numerous illustrations and links to visualizations; manuscripts based totally on dissertation work, up to complete dissertations, may be submitted as appropriate. As always, the journal relies upon at the contributions of scholars inside the area, and the editors would really like to take this possibility to inspire all of you to think of our journal as an outlet for the presentation of your research. Longdom Publishing Group is ardent to Open Access. We strongly accept as true with that eliminating barriers to research posted on-line will greatly resource to the development in Longdom Publishing medical and technical disciplines.

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