Radioisotopes area unit hot isotopes of part. they will even be outlined as atoms that contain Associate in Nursing unstable combination of neutrons and protons, or excess energy in their nucleus. The unstable nucleus of a isotope will occur naturally, or as a results of by artificial means fixing the atom. In some cases a setup is employed to supply radioisotopes, in others, a accelerator. Nuclear reactors area unit best-suited to manufacturing neutron-rich radioisotopes, like molybdenum-99, whereas cyclotrons area unit best-suited to manufacturing proton-rich radioisotopes, like fluorine-18. The best celebrated example of a naturally-occurring isotope is metallic element. All but 0.7 per cent of naturally-occurring metallic element is uranium-238; the remainder is that the less stable, or additional hot, uranium-235, which has 3 fewer neutrons in its nucleus. Atoms with Associate in nursing unstable nucleus regain stability by shedding excess particles and energy within the sort of radiation. the method of shedding the radiation is termed decay. The decay method for every isotope is exclusive and is measured with a fundamental quantity known as a half-life. One half-life is that the time it takes for 1/2 the unstable atoms to endure decay. Nuclear medicine uses little amounts of radiation to supply data a few person's body and also the functioning of specific organs, current biological processes, or the sickness state of a particular unhealthiness. In most cases the knowledge is employed by physicians to form Associate in nursing correct diagnosing. In sure cases radiation may be wont to treat unhealthy organs or tumors.  

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