Psychological Wellbeing Of Adolescents

 Psychological well-being of adolescents suggests that being content with life associate degreed understanding an abundance of positive emotions, once joined with the absence of psychopathology, is connected with greatest tutorial perform, social skills and support and physical health, being a stage that lays robust foundation for future.   The thought of well-being is complicated and is in common use not solely within the space of health however conjointly within the field of human development. Well-being depends on each the individual and therefore the setting, and through childhood and adolescence, the environmental issue will be decisive. Family, school, and peers square measure widely known as vital contexts for undefeated development, however romantic context is additionally without doubt necessary. Romantic relationships represent a brand new dimension within the adolescent’s social life, however very little attention up to now has been paid to their importance in well-being. Outlined as biological process tasks, they need been associated each positive and negative outcomes, though their impact on well-being has not nonetheless been processed. This study uses a eudaimonic approach to gauge four dimensions of psychological well-being: self-acceptance, positive social relationships, autonomy, and life development, and features a two-fold objective: (1) to investigate adolescents’ levels of psychological well-being and their stability over time, and (2) to investigate the association between romantic relationships and adolescents’ psychological well-being.