Prosthodontics can be defined as the branch of dentistry which is concerned with design , manufacture fitting of artificial replacement of teeth & other parts of the mouth. Prosthodontics is the diagnosis , treatment , planning , rehabilitation & maintenance of the oral function , comfort , appearance , & health of the patients with clinical conditions associated with missing teeth or oral & maxillofacial tissue “. Most of the general dentists perform some prosthodontics procedures , but a prosthodontist specializes in prosthodontics . there are 3 phases of prosthodontics • Fixed prosthodontics – cemented onto the teeth or implants in the mouth 2 . Removable prosthodontics – complete or partial dentures that are removable from the Mouth by the patient 3 . Maxillofacial prosthetics – a less known part of dentistry in which the nose, eyes , Other parts of the face, & other body parts are replaced. 

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