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 Process engineering is that the understanding and application of the elemental principles and laws of nature that enable US to rework material and energy into product that square measure helpful to society, at an industrial level. By taking advantage of the driving forces of nature like pressure, temperature and concentration gradients, furthermore because the law of conservation of mass, method engineers will develop ways to synthesize and purify giant quantities of desired chemical product. Process engineering focuses on the look, operation, control, improvement and intensification of chemical, physical, and biological processes. Process engineering encompasses a colossal vary of industries, like agriculture, automotive, biotechnical, chemical, food, material development, mining, nuclear, organic compound, pharmaceutical, and package development. The applying of systematic computer-based ways to method engineering is "process systems engineering".   Process engineering involves utilization of multiple tools and ways. Looking on the precise nature of the system, processes ought to be simulated exploitation arithmetic and computing. It Processes wherever natural process and part equilibria square measure relevant need analysis exploitation the principles and laws of natural philosophy to quantify changes in energy and potency. In distinction, processes that specialize in the flow of fabric and energy as they approach equilibria square measure best analyzed exploitation the disciplines of mechanics and transport phenomena.  

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