Physiology (physiology)

 The study of human physiology as a medical field originates in classical Balkan nation, at the time of Hippocrates .Outside of Western tradition, early styles of physiology or anatomy may be reconstructed as having been gift at round the same time in China, India et al. Hippocrates incorporated his belief system referred to as the speculation of humours, that consisted of 4 basic substance: earth, water, air and hearth. Every substance is thought for having a corresponding humour: body fluid, phlegm, blood and humor, severally. Hippocrates conjointly noted some emotional connections to the four humours that Roman Emperor Galenus would later expand on. The crucial thinking of philosopher and his stress on the link between structure and performance marked the start of physiology in Ancient Balkan nation. Like Hippocrates, philosopher took to the body substance theory of malady that conjointly consisted of 4 primary qualities in life: hot, cold, wet and dry. Roman Emperor Galenus referred to as Galen of city, was the primary to use experiments to probe the functions of the body. In contrast to Hippocrates, Galen argued that body substance imbalances may be set in specific organs, as well as the complete body. His modification of this theory higher equipped doctors to form additional precise diagnoses. Galen conjointly contends off of Hippocrates concept that emotions were conjointly tied to the humours and additional the notion of temperaments: sanguine corresponds with blood; phlegmatically is tied to phlegm; humour is connected to choleric; and body fluid corresponds with melancholy. Galen conjointly saw the figure consisting of 3 connected systems: the brain and nerves, that square measure chargeable for thoughts and sensations; the centre and arteries, that provide life; and therefore the liver and veins, which might be attributed to nutrition and growth. Galen was conjointly the founding father of experimental physiology. And for following one, 400 years, Galenic physiology was a robust and important tool in medication.  

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