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 The word physiology was 1st employed by the Greeks around 600 BCE to explain a philosophical inquiry into the character of things. the employment of the term with specific respect to important activities of healthy humans, that began within the sixteenth century, is also applicable to several current aspects of physiology. within the nineteenth century, curiosity, medical necessity, and economic interest excited analysis regarding the physiology of all living organisms. Discoveries of unity of structure and functions common to all or any living things resulted within the development of the idea of general physiology, within which general principles and ideas applicable to all or any living things square measure wanted. Since the mid-19th century, therefore, the word physiology has implicit the use of experimental ways, likewise as techniques and ideas of the physical sciences, to research causes and mechanisms of the activities of all living things for every system, physiology sheds lightweight on the chemistry and physics of the structures concerned. as an example, physiologists have studied the electrical activity of cells within the heart that management its beat. They’re conjointly exploring the method by that eyes discover lightweight, from however the cells within the membrane method lightweight particles known as photons to however the eyes send signals concerning pictures to the brain.  

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