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 Pharmacovigilance has its own distinctive nomenclature that's vital to know. Adverse drug reaction may be an aspect impact occurring with a drug wherever a positive causative relationship between the event and therefore the drug is believed or has been tested to exist. •          Adverse event (AE) may be an aspect impact occurring with a drug. By definition the causative relationship between the AE and therefore the drug is unknown. •          Benefits square measure ordinarily expressed because the tested therapeutic sensible of a product however ought to conjointly embrace the patient's subjective assessment of its effects. •           Causal relationship is alleged to exist once a drug is believed to possess caused or contributed to the prevalence of Associate in nursing adverse drug reaction. •           Clinical trial (or study) refers to associate in nursing organized program to work out the protection and effectiveness of a drug in patients. The planning of a test can depend upon the drug and therefore the section of its development. •           Control cluster may be a cluster of individual patients that's used as a regular of comparison among a test. The management cluster could also be wherever a distinct active drug is given as a comparator. •          Dechallenge and rechallenge talk over with a drug being stopped and restarted in a very patient, severally. A positive dechallenge has occurred, as an example, once Associate in Nursing adverse event abates or resolves utterly following the drug's ending. A positive rechallenge has occurred once the adverse event reoccurs when the drug is restarted. Dechallenge and rechallenge play a vital role in deciding whether or not a causative relationship between a happening and a drug exists.

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