Party Slogans Impact Factor

From the earliest days of the American republic, political slogans are wont to motivate and to convey mood or opinion. Inherent within the thought of representative government is communication between the people and their government. It’s through this communication that the ideas of the general public are heard which the govt must consolidate support for its actions. This paper focuses on the utilization of slogans within political rhetoric. The research focuses on the phrasing of the slogan, the connotation and association of the words used within them, and therefore the motivational quality of slogans. Simply stated, this paper may be a check out how and why political slogans are successful. The research is directed faraway from political slogans that are specifically created and used for campaign purposes and instead looks at the political slogans that are less vote-getting in orientation and are wont to shape popular opinion or motivate a public action. The use of political slogans is one rhetorical method by which an outsized group of individuals may express their collective ideas. The American form of government operates on the premise of consent of the governed and slogan may be a medium through which the governed may voice collective consent or disapproval. For its vast importance as a serious component of communication between the general public and therefore the government, political slogans are a neighbourhood deserves research.

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