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 The pervasiveness pace of low back agony ranges from 22% to 65% in one year and the lifetime predominance ranges from 11% to 84%. Diverse treatment modalities are accessible like nerve root square, epidural steroid infusion, endoscopic discectomy, small scale discectomy and old style laminectomy and discectomy. There are not many randomized control preliminaries looking at ozone nucleolysis (ONL) with another treatment at present. In this examination we in this way attempted to ô€ƒ¶nd out the viability of ONL in improving agony just as capacity in patients with lumbar herniated circle. Materials and techniques: A planned report was directed on 54 patients with low back agony because of wood circle prolapse was completed in the wake of getting authorization from Research Ethics Board in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR). The activity of ozone treatment is because of the dynamic oxygen iota freed from separating of ozone atom. At the point when ozone is infused into the circle the dynamic oxygen molecule called the singlet oxygen or the free radicle appends with the proteo-glycan spans in the jam like material or nuceus pulposus. They are separated and they not, at this point fit for holding water. Thus plate contracts and embalmed and there is decompression of nerve roots. It is practically proportional to careful discectomy thus the method is called ozone discectomy or ozonucleolysis or prominently ozone treatment for slip plate. Furthermore, it has a mitigating activity because of hindrances of arrangement of aggravation creating substances, tissue oxygenation is expanded because of expanded 2,3 diphosphoglycerate level in the red platelets. Every one of these prompts decompression of nerve roots, diminished aggravation of nerve roots, expanded oxygenation to the ailing tissue for fix work.  

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