Motor Disorders:

 The disorders of the nervous system that cause abnormal and involuntary movements are defined as Motor disorders. They are the consequence from damaged motor system. Motor disorders are demarcated in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual guide of Mental Disorders. Signs and symptoms and indications of Motor disorders are malfunctions of the nervous system that source instinctive or irrepressible actions of the body. These complaints can cause lack of envisioned movement or an excess of spontaneous movement. Symptoms and indications of motor disorders comprise jerks, twitches, tremors, spasms, reductions, or pace problems. Tremor is the uncontainable trembling of an arm or a leg. Twitches or jerks of body parts may happen due to a astonishing sound or unanticipated and unexpected pain. Spasms and reductions are provisional abnormal resting positions of hands or feet.  

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