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 Medical imaging is the technique and process of making visible representations of the indoors of a body for medical analysis and scientific intervention, as well as visual representation of the characteristic of a few organs or tissues (body structure).Scientific imaging seeks to reveal inner structures hidden with the aid of the skin and bones, in addition to to diagnose and treat disorder. Clinical imaging also establishes a database of everyday anatomy and body structure to make it feasible to discover abnormalities. Although imaging of removed organs and tissues may be done for medical reasons, such procedures are commonly taken into consideration as part of pathology as opposed to medical imaging. Dimension and recording techniques that aren't primarily designed to supply snapshots, consisting of electroencephalography (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG), electrocardiography (ECG), and others, constitute other technologies that produce information vulnerable to illustration as a parameter graph vs. Time or maps that incorporate data about the dimension places. In a restrained evaluation, these technologies may be considered types of medical imaging in some other area.  

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