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 Marine biotechnology, usually declared as “blue biotechnology”, exploits the range found in marine environments in terms of the form, structure, physiology and chemistry of marine organisms, many of that haven't any equivalent onto land, during which modification new materials to be completed. Marine biotechnology might be associate degree data generation and conversion process: it unlocks access to biological compounds and provides novel uses for them. By exploring and harnessing marine materials, entirely new uses in sq. measures far away from the marine area unit likely to be found. Marine biotechnology could be a likelihood recognized by policy makers and thus the enterprise sector as giving very important potential to fill market gaps for fresh product. The global marketplace for flexible-foam reached $29.1 billion in 2017. The market should reach $36.9 billion by 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% for the period of 2017-2022.  

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