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 Liver biopsy is the biopsy (expulsion of a little example of tissue) from the liver. It is a clinical test that is done to help analysis of liver sickness, to evaluate the seriousness of known liver infection, and to screen the advancement of treatment , Liver biopsy is regularly required for the determination of a liver issue (jaundice, anomalous blood tests) where blood tests, for example, hepatitis A serology, have not had the option to recognize a reason. It is additionally required if hepatitis is conceivably the consequence of drug, yet the specific idea of the response is hazy. Alcoholic liver infection and tuberculosis of the liver might be analyzed through biopsy.[1] Direct biopsy of tumors of the liver may help the analysis, in spite of the fact that this might be kept away from if the source is clear (for example spread from recently known colorectal cancer).[1] On the off chance that the conclusion is as of now clear, for example, incessant hepatitis B or hepatitis C, liver biopsy is valuable to survey the seriousness of the related liver harm. The equivalent is valid for haemochromatosis (iron over-burden), in spite of the fact that it is every now and again discarded. Essential biliary cirrhosis and essential sclerosing cholangitis may require biopsy, albeit other symptomatic modalities have made this less important

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