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 A magnificence of organic atoms (i.E., are of herbal cause) characterized by low dissolvability in water and high solvency in non-polar solvents, (for example, chloroform) .They are commonly hydrocarbon in arrangement, accordingly communicate to exceptionally reduced manifestations of carbon, and upon oxidation in digestion system, yield loads of vitality. OMICS Group International is one of the leading Open Access Publishers which is publishing 700+ peer-reviewed journals. Each and each article undergoes a peer-review technique to evaluate the fine of the article.   Lipids Peer-Reviewed Journals, is an open access, peer-reviewed, journal that publishes articles on all components of lipids: their biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, position in health and disease, and the synthesis of new lipid compounds. The journal offers a forum for scientists, physicians, and nutritionists working in all factors of lipids studies. Topics covered include their biochemistry, synthesis, characteristic in fitness and disease, and nutrition. Lipids Peer-Reviewed Journals is aimed at all scientists, fitness professionals and physicians inquisitive about the place of lipids. Lipids are described here of their broadest sense, to encompass: cholesterol, vital fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, phospholipids, inositol lipids, 2d messenger lipids, enzymes and artificial machinery that is involved inside the metabolism of diverse lipids inside the cells and tissues, and additionally diverse elements of lipid transport, etc. In addition, the magazine also publishes studies that investigates and defines the position of lipids in diverse physiological processes, pathology and disease. In particular, the magazine pursuits to bridge the space between the bench and the clinic through publishing articles that are particularly relevant to human diseases and the position of lipids inside the management of various illnesses.

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