The open acess journals are peer reviewed scholarly journals of Information Technology and Software Engneering. The open access journals are freely to be had at the public net domain, permitting any quit users to read, download, copy, distribute, prink, seek or hyperlink to the full texts of the articles. The top open get entry to journals are listed in SCOPUS, COPERNICUS, CAS, EBSCO and ISI.The Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering is a open-get right of entry to journal. One of the main methods to implement Information Security is to enforce suitable controls at critical ranges along with: Administrative, Logical and Physical. An administrative control which includes written policies, procedures, requirements and guidelines form the framework for coping with a business enterprise. Logical controls use information and software to govern the get right of entry to of information. Some examples of logical controls are: community firewalls, passwords, and community intrusion detection systems and facts encryption. Separation of network area and work region are Physical Controls. Another vital physical manage is separation of duties. By organizing defense strategies in layers, i.E. Concentric degrees of security, one could assure defense-in-depth. For example, to get entry to a certain facts, you possibly can first apply steady get right of entry to on the community level, at the host-computer level, at the application stage and finally reach the statistics destination. In doing so, you may make certain overlapping layers or security through various the energy of the firewall for exceptional programs and therefore reduce risk. Information Security may be categorized into extraordinary categories depending on the character of the organization inclusive of: Public, Sensitive, Private and Confidential for Business sectors; Unclassified, Sensitive but unclassified, Confidential, Restricted, Secret and Top-Secret and in cross-sectoral agencies as: White, Green, Red and Amber.    

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