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 Human Physiology provides a forum for many areas of body structure, together with respiration, circulation, the blood system, motor functions, and digestion, in addition to game and occupational physiology.   Human Physiology Online Journals, is an worldwide peer reviewed magazine aimed at promoting the mixing of theory, methods, and research in human physiology. The journal publishes original research on brain characteristic and its disturbances, inclusive of neural mechanisms subserving perception, learning, memory, emotion, and language. The journal goals to maintain, develop technology and related research paintings at an worldwide level toward anatomy and physiology updates entering into intensity analysis. So, to acquire this, it is essential to convey all areas of related topics like homeostasis, molecular biology, neuro-anatomy, medical anatomy, forensic anatomy, surgical anatomy, developmental anatomy, etc collectively the magazine can act as base to fundamental understanding. All types of papers on environmental physiology, consisting of adaptation to extreme (polar zone, desert) and new (space) external conditions, are encouraged. Each year, the magazine has thematic issues. The magazine is highly interested by the cooperation of scientists from all international locations and accepts manuscripts submitted in English. We use an unmarried blind peer assessment format. Our crew of reviewers consists of over 50 experts from 6 countries (Russia, France, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, USA). The common duration from submission to first decision turned into 40 days, and that from first choice to recognition turned into 30 days. The rejection price for submitted manuscripts in 2019 turned into forty%. The very last choice at the recognition of an editorial for booklet is made by the Editor-in-Chief

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