You have studied geography as considered one of the components of your Social Science path upto the secondary degree. You are already conscious of a number of the phenomena of geographical nature in the world and its specific parts. Now, you will examine ‘Geography’ as an independent situation and learn about the bodily environment of the earth, human sports and their interactive relationships. Therefore, a pertinent question you may ask at this level is — Why have to we observe geography? We live on the surface of the earth. Our lives are suffering from our environment in many ways. We rely upon the resources to maintain ourselves inside the surrounding areas. Primitive societies subsisted on ‘herbal means of subsistence’, i.E. Edible vegetation and animals. With the passage of time, we developed technologies and started producing our food the usage of natural sources including land, soil and water. We adjusted our food habits and clothing in line with the winning climate conditions. There are versions inside the natural resource base, technological development, model with and amendment of bodily environment, social businesses and cultural development. As a pupil of geography, you need to be curious to realize about all the phenomena which vary over space. You learn about the diverse lands and people. You must additionally be interested by know-how the changes that have taken region over the years. Geography equips you to appreciate diversity and look at into the causes accountable for developing such versions over time and space. You will develop talents to understand the globe transformed into maps and have a visual feel of the earth’s floor. The information and the talents obtained in current scientific techniques which include GIS and laptop cartography equip you to meaningfully make contributions to the country wide endeavour for development.

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