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Flat Feet is a postural deformation wherein the curves of the foot breakdown, with the whole underside of the foot coming into complete or close total contact with the ground.There is a practical connection between the structure of the curve of the foot and the biomechanics of the lower leg. The curve gives a flexible, springy association between the forefoot and the rear foot with the goal that a greater part of the powers acquired during weight bearing on the foot can be disseminated before the power arrives at the long bones of the leg and thigh.In pes planus, the leader of the bone is uprooted medially and distal from the navicular bone. Thus, the Plantar calcaneonavicular tendon (spring tendon) and the ligament of the tibialis back muscle are extended to the degree that the person with pes planus loses the capacity of the average longitudinal curve (MLA). In the event that the MLA is missing or nonfunctional in both the situated and standing positions, the individual has "unbending" flatfoot. On the off chance that the MLA is available and practical while the individual is sitting or standing up on their toes, yet this curve vanishes while expecting a foot-level position, the individual has "flexible" flatfoot. This last condition is frequently rewarded with curve bolsters.  

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