SE instruments will collect observations of processes occurring within the oceans, lakes, and rivers of the planet. Existing applications rely significantly on ship-borne observations for either calibration or validation. ESE data and knowledge will complement these observations made up of the ocean surface. Satellite observations characterize environmental factors that affect fish habitat. Environmental parameters that are well measured by data from recent and current orbital instruments include surface temperature, ocean color, wind, and current data. Advantages of satellite-based observation include the power to image large areas directly, to disc reetly observe a variety of scales, to repeat observations fre q u e n t l y, and to form observations independent of weather. Remote sensing data are wont to derive information about chlorophyll concentration, primary pro d u c t i v i t y, bio-optical properties of coastal and estuarine regions, and ocean circulation features. as an example , schools of fish commonly correlate with nutrient-rich waters, also as circulation patterns like temperature fro n t s . Application of remote sensing to fisheries re q u i res previous knowledge of habitat pre f e rences of the fish, biological quality of the waters, oceanography of the world , behavior of a given species at various temperatures, and catch rates occurring under those conditions. The consequences of the environment on any given species are location- and season-specific. A l o n g statistic of oceanographic and fish population data are then vital in determining the success of satellite oceanography applied to fishery management. C u r rent and potential uses of satellite remote sensing data for fisheries are listed below. within the Fisheries A p p l i c a t i o n s Matrix, the rows correspond to specific applications, and therefore the columns correspond to individual ESE instruments. The potential use of knowledge from a given ESE instrument to a selected fisheries application is denoted by a check within the m a t r i x.      

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