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  Extracellular proteases (ECPs) attributable to their differential expression in several pathophysiological processes, together with cancer, vas conditions, and inflammatory, pulmonary, and periodontal diseases. several new ECP inhibitors square measure presently beneath clinical investigation and a major increase in new therapies supported proteinase inhibition may be expected within the coming back years. Additionally, to directly block the activity of a targeted proteinase, one will benefit from differential expression in sickness states to by selection deliver therapeutic or imaging agents. Recent studies in targeted drug development for the metalloproteases (matrix metalloproteinases, adamalysins, pappalysins, neprilysin, angiotensin-converting catalyst, metallocarboxypeptidases, and salt carboxypeptidase II), amino acid proteases (elastase, natural process factors, tissue/urokinase urokinase system, kallikreins, tryptase, dipeptidyl protease IV), amino alkanoic acid proteases (cathepsin B), and peptidase system square measure mentioned herein.    

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