An epitope, conjointly referred to as matter determinant, is that the part of Associate in Nursing matter that's recognized by the system, specifically by antibodies, B cells, or T cells. as an example, the epitope is that the specific piece of the matter to that Associate in Nursing protein binds Epitope, conjointly known as matter determinant, portion of a far off macromolecule, or antigen, that's capable of stimulating Associate in Nursing response. Associate in nursing epitope is that the part of the matter that binds to a selected matter receptor on the surface of a B cell. Every of those antibodies binds to a selected epitope situated on it macromolecule. Binding between the protein and also the epitope happens at the matter Binding website that is named a paratope and is found at the tip of the variable region on the protein. Every matter generally has several epitopes. as an example, insulin, a dimeric macromolecule with fifty one amino acids, has on its surface a minimum of a hundred and fifteen protein epitopes (Schroer et al. 1983).  

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