Educational Technology

 Educational technology, typically shortened to EduTech or EdTech, may be a wide field. Therefore, one will realize several definitions, a number of that square measure conflicting. academic technology as an educational field will be thought-about either as a style science or as a set of various analysis interests addressing basic problems with learning, teaching and scheme. academic technology as follow refers to any sort of teaching and learning that creates use of technology. notwithstanding, there square measure a number of options on that most researchers and practitioners may agree: 1.         Use of technology is principled: Technology means that the systematic application of knowledge base to sensible tasks. Therefore, academic technology relies on theoretical information drawn from totally different disciplines (communication, education, psychology, sociology, philosophy, computing, computing, etc.) and experiential information drawn from academic follow. 2.         academic technology aims to enhance education. Technology ought to facilitate learning processes and increase performance of the tutorial system(s) because it regards to effectiveness and/or potency Educational technology may be a field. A academic technology refers to a technology that's significantly fitted to education and its usage/range of applications perhaps. See {the academic|the tutorial|the academic} technologies article and also the class educational technologies. tutorial technology and elearning that typically square measure used as a synonyms typically not. e-learning usually refers to technology or styles employed in distance teaching, however it is also accustomed describe any kind of technology use in education.