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 Tooth rot, otherwise called dental caries or depressions, is a breakdown of teeth because of acids made by microscopic organisms. The holes might be various hues from yellow to dark. Manifestations may incorporate agony and trouble with eating. Pits are for all time harmed zones in the hard surface of your teeth that form into minuscule openings or gaps. Holes, additionally called tooth rot or caries, are brought about by a blend of elements, reme microscopic organisms for your mouth, visit nibbling, tasting sweet beverages and not cleaning your teeth well. What Causes Dental Caries? Normally, dental caries can be spotted on two explicit territories of the teeth: occlusal caries, which structure on the top most piece of the tooth where food particles more than once come in direct contact with the teeth and interproximal caries, which are dental caries that structure between the teeth. Tooth rot can be halted or turned around now. Finish can fix itself by utilizing minerals from salivation, and fluoride from toothpaste or different sources. However, in the event that the tooth rot proceeds, more minerals are lost. ... A pit is perpetual harm that a dental specialist needs to fix with a filling. Tooth rot (dental caries) is harm to a tooth that can happen when rot causing microbes in your mouth make acids that assault the tooth's surface, or veneer. ... On the off chance that tooth rot isn't dealt with, it can cause torment, contamination, and even tooth misfortune  

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