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 Cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase or CGTase for brief may be a microorganism protein happiness to the constant family of the α-amylase specifically called glycosyl-hydrolase family. This peculiar catalyst is capable of catalyzing over one reaction with the foremost very important being the synthesis of non-reducing cyclic dextrins mentioned as cyclodextrins starting from starch, amylose, and different polysaccharides. CGTase is associate degree protein common to several microorganism species, specially of the true bacteria genus like B. circulans, B. macerans and B. stearothermophilus, additionally on some archaea, however it's not better-known to be gift in the other species.All of the CGTases will change state up to four reactions: cyclization, coupling, disproportionation and chemical reaction. of these activities share constant chemical change mechanism that is common to any or all glycosyl-hydrolases.on the premise of the amount of sugar residues this circular product is made of three main quite cyclodextrins could also be distinguished, α-CD with six residues, β-CD with seven residues and γ-CD with eight residues.The coupling reaction could also be merely delineated as a result of the reverse methodology of cyclization: the catalyst cleaves a cyclodextrin to supply a linear dextrin that's later joined to a linear carbohydrate.Disproportionation is very like coupling, but the cleaved dextrin is not a cyclodextrin, but a linear carbohydrate that is then joined to a second carbohydrate.CGTase to boot contains a weak hydrolyzing activity that consists in cleaving the longer supermolecule chains into shorter fragments.

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