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Chemotherapy (often abbreviated to chemo and typically CTX or CTx) may be a sort of cancer treatment that uses one or a lot of anti-cancer medication (chemotherapeutic agents) as a part of a consistent therapy regime. therapy is also given with a curative intent (which nearly always involves mixtures of drugs), or it should aim to prolong life or to scale back symptoms (palliative chemotherapy). therapy is one in every of the key classes of the medical discipline specifically dedicated to pharmacotherapy for cancer, that is named medical medicine.   The term therapy has come back to connote non-specific usage of living thing poisons to inhibit cellular division, cellular division. The connotation excludes a lot of selective agents that block animate thing signals (signal transduction). the event of therapies with specific molecular or genetic targets, that inhibit growth-promoting signals from classic endocrine hormones (primarily estrogens for carcinoma and androgens for prostate cancer) area unit currently referred to as secretion therapies. in contrast, different inhibitions of growth-signals like those related to receptor aminoalkanoic acid kinases area unit remarked as targeted medical care.   Importantly, the employment of medicine (whether therapy, secretion medical care or targeted medical care) constitutes general therapy for cancer in this {they area unit|they're} introduced into the blood stream and are so in theory ready to address cancer at any anatomic location within the body. general medical care is commonly employed in conjunction with different modalities that represent native medical care for cancer like radiation, surgery or physiological state medical care.

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