Biotechniques Journals Publications

 The Journal of Biotechniques transmits latest advancements and insights on various biological and biochemical processes as well as the associated methods, while emphasizing on designing concepts, processes and operation for synthesis of biologically derived chemicals, industrial feed stock, biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biofuels and bio-plastics. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles producing multifaceted coverage of the tracks relevant to bio-techniques involving but not limited to downstream processing, bioengineering, bioreactors, bio-catalysis, bioprocess technology, immobilization biotechnology, bio-refineries; separation and purification techniques, process optimization, upstream and downstream processing, microbiological and biotechnical processes, economic aspects and scale-up methods, etc. Biotechniques journal motivates reviews, research communications and reports on the materializing challenges in integration and application of biotechniques of non-conventional bio-product categories based on microbiological, thermodynamic, stoichiometry and reaction kinetics and studies on practical bottlenecks in bioprocess optimization and development.