Immobilization may allude to:Vehicle immobilization, the anticipation of a car's motor from running,Monetary immobilization, an idea in money related financial aspects,Catalyst immobilization, an idea in natural science,Immobilization (pathology), a sort of human position,Immobilization (surgeries), alludes to the way toward holding a joint or bone set up with a support, cast, or support. This is done to keep a harmed territory from moving while it,mends.Immobilization (soil science), the retention of deteriorated natural issue by smaller scale living beings.Muscle immobilization, the total loss of muscle work for at least one muscle gatherings,Entire cell immobilization, an organic chemistry strategy.At the point when decay is essentially finished soil mineral nitrogen will be higher than it was at first because of mineralization of the plant buildup nitrogen.There are two systems of nitrogen immobilization: Nitrogen aggregation in microbial biomass and amassing of nitrogen in results of microbial movement. Nitrogen Accumulation in side-effects of microbial action nitrogen aggregation in rotting plant flotsam and jetsam follows a two-stage component Following the underlying filtering of solvent materials from new waste, exoenzymes depolymerize the debris substrate delivering responsive sugars, phenolics, little peptides, and amino acids, this is a period whereby microbial development is fast. with organisms changing over substrate nitrogen and exogenous nitrogen into microbial biomass and oozed results of microbial movement.

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