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Biomolecules are organic molecules particularly in living organisms, macromolecules such as carbohydrates , proteins. Bacteria, bacteria, plants and animals of all living types are made of identical macromolecules that are responsible for life. All the compounds of carbon that we obtain from living tissues can be called biomolecules. The species tend to have identical chemical compositon and metabolic reactions. In qualitative analysis, the composition of living tissues and non-living matter also appears similar. Closer analysis reveals that the relative abundance of carbon, hydrogen , and oxygen in the living system is higher.     A journal is a periodic publication designed to advance science further, usually by reporting on new research. Although some of the oldest newspapers publish articles , reviews, editorials, brief correspondence, letters, and research papers in a broad variety of scientific areas, most journals are highly specialized. Journals include papers reviewed by experts in an effort to ensure that papers meet the journal's requirements of quality and scientific validity. 

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