Bioinert Materials

 The term Bio inert Materials bioinert refers to any material that when placed within the physical body has minimal interaction with its surrounding tissue, samples of these are chrome steel , titanium, alumina, partially stabilised zirconia, and ultra high relative molecular mass polyethylene. Generally a fibrous capsule might form around bio inert implants hence its bio functionality relies on tissue integration through the implant. These materials are capable of being in touch with bodily fluids and tissues for prolonged periods of your time , whilst eliciting little if any adverse reactions. Biologically inert, or Bioinert materials are ones which don't initiate a response or interact when introduced to biological tissue. In other words, introducing the fabric to the body won't cause a reaction with the host. The reason that this sort of fabric has been conceived is because materials initiating a response may detrimentally affect the host . Originally, these materials were used for vascular surgery due to the need for surfaces, which do not cause clotting of the blood. For this reason bioinert materials may sometimes even be called haemocompatible . Even though there's no detrimental affect thanks to a cloth being bioinert, it's going to mean that the tissue doesn't attach to the fabric also because it may to a bioactive material.  

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