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  Organ donors square measure typically dead at the time of donation, however are also living. For living donors, organ donation usually involves in depth testing before the donation, together with psychological analysis to see whether or not the would-be donor understands and consents to the donation. On the day of the donation, the donor and therefore the recipient attain the hospital, a bit like they might for the other surgical operation. For dead donors, the method begins with confirming that the person is beyond any doubt deceased, determinant whether or not any organs might be given, and getting consent for the donation of any usable organs. Normally, nothing is completed till the person has already died, though if death is inevitable, it's potential to ascertain for consent and to try and do some straightforward medical tests shortly beforehand, to assist notice an identical recipient. The verification of death is often done by a specialist (a medico specializing in brain function) that's not concerned within the previous makes an attempt to avoid wasting the patient's life. This medico has nothing to try and do with the transplantation method.Verification of death is commonly done multiple times, to stop doctors from dominating any remaining sign of life, but little.After death, the hospital might keep the body on a mechanical ventilator and use alternative strategies to stay the organs in condition.Donors and their families aren't charged for any expenses associated with the donation.    

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