Aquaculture Review Journals

 Aquaculture refers to the rearing, breeding, and harvesting of animals and plants in all types of water environments including rivers, ponds, ocean, and lakes. It is doubtlessly the accelerated growing food-producing sector that now accounts for nearly 505 of the world's food fish. The various types of aquaculture are Freshwater aquaculture and marine aqua culture. Marine aquaculture mentions to the culturing of species that live in the ocean. Freshwater aquaculture specific species that is native to lakes, rivers, and streams. Review articles are the synopsis of present state of understanding on a particular research. They discuss or analyze research formerly published by academicians and scientist rather than reporting novel research results. Research article comes in the form of literature reviews and systematic reviews and are a form of secondary literature. Systematic reviews regulate an objective list of criteria, and find all formerly published original research papers that meet the criteria.