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People with blockages in their heart arteries may need angioplasty if they have a lot of chest discomfort, or if their blockages put them at risk of a heart attack or dying. Angioplasty is a technique for restoring blood supply into the artery. Angioplasty is performed under anesthesia in the hospital. The doctor threads a thin tube in the arm or groin through a blood vessel up to the site of the artery involved.This opens the blocked artery by inflating a tiny balloon inside it. Rapid removal of a blockage decreases cardiac damage after a heart attack, and restores blood supply to the heart muscle. Angioplasty can open the artery quickly, and is the best approach to a heart attack. A blocked artery can cause serious problems to the safety, Angioplasty and stenting have been used in heart attack , stroke, and gangrene treatments.

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