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 Amino acids area unit organic compounds that contain paraffin (-NH2) and carboxyl (-COOH) purposeful teams, aspect|in conjunction with|beside|at the side of|together with} a side chain (R group) specific to every aminoalkanoic acid.[ The key parts of associate degree aminoalkanoic acid area unit carbon (C), atomic number 1 (H), oxygen (O), and atomic number 7 (N), though different parts area unit found within the facet chains of bound amino acids. concerning five hundred present amino acids area unit acknowledged (though solely twenty seem within the genetic code) and may be classified in many ways. they'll be classified per the core structural purposeful groups' locations as alpha- (α-), beta- (β-), gamma- (γ-) or delta- (δ-) amino acids; different classes relate to polarity, pH level, and facet chain cluster kind (aliphatic, acyclic, aromatic, containing chemical group or sulfur, etc.). within the kind of proteins, aminoalkanoic acid residues type the second-largest part (water is that the largest) of human muscles and different tissues.]on the far side their role as residues in proteins, amino acids participate in an exceedingly range of processes like neurochemical transport and biogenesis.   In organic chemistry, amino acids having each the paraffin and also the acid teams connected to the primary (alpha-) atom have specific importance. they're referred to as 2-, alpha-, or α-amino acids (generic formula H2NCHRCOOH in most cases,[a] wherever R is associate degree organic substituent referred to as a "side chain"); usually the term "amino acid" is employed to refer specifically to those.

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