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Recently Published Articles

[Electronic publication date: 2019-01-02]

Samuel Gaine & Maximilian F. Konig

Benefits and disadvantages of biologic agents in chronic inflammatory arthritis

International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, Commentary, 2020 , 6

[Electronic publication date: 2020-02-03]

Knarik Ginosyan, Zinaida Jndoyan, Irina Ghazinyan & Valentina Vardanyan

Comorbidities in rheumatoid arthritis: the RBSMR study

International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, Research Article, 2020 , 10

[Electronic publication date: 2020-02-25]

Haddani FZ, Guich A, Youssoufi T, Boudhar EM, Abouqal R, Achemlal L, Allali F, Bahiri R, Bouchti EI, Maghraoui EI, Ghozlani I, Harzy T, Hmamouchi I, Ichchou L, Mkinsi O, Niamane R & Hassikou H

The value of repeated biopsy in lupus nephritis management

International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, Short Communication, 2020 , 15

[Electronic publication date: 2020-02-28]

Camila Barbosa Lyra de Oliveira, Denise Maria do Nascimento Costa, Gisele Vajgel Fernandes, Maria Alina Cavalcante & Lucila Maria Valente

[Electronic publication date: 2020-01-17]

Christian Dauvergne, Pablo Antileo, Jorge Sandoval

[Electronic publication date: 2020-02-28]

Arif Al-Nooryani, Wael Aboushokka, Zlatko Mehmedbegovic, Branko Beleslin

Aortic valve repair: An evolving space in cardiac surgery

Interventional Cardiology, Commentary, 2020 , 17

[Electronic publication date: 2020-03-02]

Mario Petrou