Abstract - Journal of Experimental Stroke & Translational Medicine (2020)

Hypertension prevalence dynamics in the United States, a closer look

Ahmed, Maysa

Epidemiologist, Johnson County Public Health, Iowa, USA.


Hypertension is an increasing risk in USA. According to CDC During 2015–2016, the prevalence of hypertension was 29.0% and increased with age. The prevalence is higher among the non-Hispanic black (40.3%) compared to non-Hispanic white (27.8%), non-Hispanic Asian (25.0%), or Hispanic (27.8%) adults. Prevalence of controlled hypertension was 48.3% and increased with age for men but not women. Hypertension control was higher among non-Hispanic white (50.8%) than non-Hispanic black (44.6%) or non- Hispanic Asian (37.4%) adults. According to this study race contributed significantly to the variation observed between groups .

Immigrants and immigration policies are very dynamic field in USA. The health of immigrants has been reported as negative. Absence of health insurance and acculturation have been contributing to this negative health status 2 . A study and as the researchers stated was the first to investigate social determinant of health and systolic blood pressure. The study found a significant relationship between socioeconomic status, being a male and high blood pressure2. The presentation will be based on the spatial analysis using ArcMap version 10.6. RStudio for significance testing Variables foreign born, Race, poverty, health insurance and High blood pressure in USA. In addition, the presentation will discuss hypothesis driven by the findings and recommendations for the way forward


Maysa M. Ahmed is an Epidemiologist by profession and works with Johnson county public health a local government institution in Iowa. She holds a MBBS and Doctor of Medicine degree in community medicine, with MBA, Master of science in international health from Charite-Berlin, and Master of Applied Science in spatial analysis in public health from Johns Hopkins University.Maysa has more than 13 years of public practice. He has also been involved in wide range of public health activities from establishing surveillance systems to planning and monitoring HIV prevention and control, to the fields of human resources for health development outbreak investigations of infectious diseases in Ghana. She has presented in different local platforms academic and professional. Maysa is very passionate about spatial analysis in public health.

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