Short Communication - Journal of Pediatric Neurological Disorders (2020) Volume 3, Issue 4

Cowper seringocele, rare etiology of renal failure

Hammou Benslimane, F Hadjou, H Haouari and R Ramdane

Pediatric children hospital of Oran,Algeria


The overlooked cowper’s gland produces alkaline mucus that drains into either side of the membranous urethra.Cystic dilation of the cowper’s gland, called syringocele cowper’s, most often affecting the pediatric population and diagnosed in adulthood due to the underestimation of this gland in children. This pathology has been classified according to Maizel et al:simple syringocele,perforated syringecéle, unperforated syringe ruptued syringecéle.

It can be asymptomatic or the cause of urinary disorders ranging from simple dysyria to kidney failure. material and methods: we describe the case of 5 years old with renal failure, admitted with urinary retention.results: cowper syringocele is diagnosed in front of voiding disorder but at the stage of renal failure.conclusion: syringocele cowper is a common diagnosis in front of the persistence of urinary symptoms and the pediatric urologis must have the reflex of this diagnosis in front of the symptoms of lower urinary truct before the instalation of urinary insufficiency


Benslimane Hammou has completed his MD from Oran School of Medicine. Currently, he works as a Pediatric Surgeon at Children Hospital of Oran, Algeria, in Pediatric Urology department. He published many of the research articles which are related to urethral problems in children.