Using data-intensive plant breeding and genetic gain as an indication for agricultural research and development will speed up agriculture.

Author(s): Ashok K Mishra

Acceleration of genetic growth has become a central goal of global plant breeding in recent years The South, the availability of new information technologies and the combination of biological interest in crop improvement increasing the cost-effectiveness of breeding programs. This article explains the concept genetic benefit, the conditions for its increase as an indicator of agricultural development and more widely the consequences of this movement, with special attention to the changing knowledge management systems of plant breeding, social and political implications for smallholders and climate-adaptive agriculture. Let’s analyze how the priority of the variables used in the derivation of the indicator when deciding on agricultural policy affects the relationship between development goals and practice. We conclude that genetic benefit should not be considered a The main indicator of agricultural development, if there is no information on other key areas (incl agricultural biodiversity, seed systems and the different effects of climate change on soils, crops and communities), such as and tools to assess the pros and cons of seed selection, boost management and evaluation with genetic benefit as the key indicator.