organisations who conduct request for proposals in translational medicine

Author(s): Shuji Kitajima

The paradigm of medical research is changing from compound-based to evidence-based drug/device discovery as a result of transitional medicine/science. It is promoting the use of cutting-edge technologies, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, and accelerating the delivery of treatments to patients. Applying what is learned from preclinical trials and bringing the ensuing safety and efficacy to clinics is the central tenet of evidence-based discovery. A contract research organisation (CRO) performs activities for a sponsor in the medical disciplines like a hired agent with the necessary training and expertise. The contract is for deliverables and the relationship is business-related. This for-profit industry has developed in the last ten years due to the rising number of sponsored outsourced work. Geographical boundaries are becoming more hazy as a result of cross-border regulatory evaluations and scientific globalisation. The path from bench to bedside is lengthy, filled with challenges and tall hurdles. For ideas to come to life and be commercialised, effective teamwork becomes crucial. Drug/device manufacturers and CROs are among the professionals in team communities.