Inferior subluxation of humeral head mimicking shoulder dislocation: case report and review of literature

Author(s): Archisha Marya, Kirti Mohan Marya*, Hareesha Rishab Bharadwaj & Anand Gupta

We report a case of 54-year-old female patient who presented with right shoulder pain and stiffness for routine follow -up after having sustained a non-displaced humeral neck fracture. Surprisingly, her X-rays showed completely dissociated glenohumeral joint similar to a dislocation. On further evaluation, it was confirmed to be a case of inferior subluxation of humeral head because of prolonged immobilization and muscular atony. Few weeks of rehabilitation led to full recovery. Physicians working in Accident & Emergency department, as well as radiologists need to be equally aware of this condition to avoid unnecessary diagnostic evaluations and orthopedic maneuvers/ interventions.