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Immediate Effects of Posterior Pelvic Tilting Taping on Gait Ability of Chronic Stroke Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): Young -Jun Shin, Eun-Hong Choi, Yu-Won Choe, Cheng Peng and Myoung-Kwon Kim*

Objective: This study assesses immediate effects on gait function of pelvic posterior tilting taping using kinesiology tape in chronic stroke patients with excessive pelvic anterior tilting.

Subjects and Method: This study was crossover design. Fourteen patients with chronic stroke participated in the experiment. The posterior pelvic tilt taping, placebo taping, and no taping intervention was applied to subjects in random order. The posterior pelvic tilt taping was used for mechanical correction, and was involved in posterior pelvic tilting and facilitating muscle function. The placebo taping was maintained at 0% of the available tension. Gait ability was assessed by the GAITRite System, Timed Up & Go Test (TUG). All the measurements were performed immediately after taping.

Result: Gait function in chronic stroke patients improved with posterior pelvic tilt taping. Gait velocity, step length, and stride length improved significantly in the posterior pelvic tilt taping intervention compared to placebo and no taping (p<0.05). H-H base support significantly decreased compared to no taping (p<0.05). Posterior pelvic tilt taping significantly improved TUG (p<0.05).

Conclusion: We conclude that the posterior pelvic tilt taping method improves gait function of patients with chronic stroke.

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