How to heal your mind, body and spirit – a stroke survivor’s perspective

Author(s): Sameer Bhide

In 2017, I suffered an extremely rare hemorrhagic stroke that completely changed my life. I had to undergo two brain surgeries, spent a month in a medically induced coma and I have been rehabbing ever since. I had a rare congenital cerebral vascular abnormality (cavernoma) that affects a ridiculously small population in the USA. According to the Handbook of Neurosurgery by Dr. Mark S. Greenberg, this abnormality develops in about 3,300 to 58,800 people in the United States. And even rarer are the chances of it developing in a hemorrhage - only about 86-1,730 people per year in the USA, many of whom die in the process. And I happened to be in this rare of the rarest category, to have a condition, to have it develop into a hemorrhage and to survive. And I am incredibly grateful to be in that survivor’s group.