How Doxorubicin Based Liposomal Agents Would Effect on Breast Cancer Tumors: A Proposed Delivery Mechanism Toward Targeted Cancer Therapy.

Author(s): Lara Sadi

In recent years the application of liposomes to enable efficient drug delivery systems has an important role in biomedical areas. Application of liposome prevents systematic toxicity and helps effective delivery of encapsulated compounds to targeted sites of the human body. Liposomes are natural phospholipids which allow increased concentration of drugs to be delivered to the tumor cells. Encapsulation of the drug also prevents it from being broken down in the body before reaching the tumor site and does not encounter the healthy body tissues. Penetration of drugs to solid tumors is a critical problem. Therefore, solid tumors such as breast cancer tumors must be transported by drug delivery systems and targeted to cancer. In this study, Folic acid-targeted and modified Liposome-based drug delivery system was designed for the treatment of breast cancer, and its use in breast cancer will be discussed.