High blood pressure risk factors and evaluation

Author(s): Neil Fox

Blood pressure is the most common condition from which many of us must suffer, it is also called hypertension. In this condition blood force against the walls of blood vessels is quite high which affect our health. High blood pressure increases the risk of having heart problems. There are various risk factors for high blood pressure not similar from person to person. Intake of unhealthy things such as alcohol, smoking and consumption of high calorie diet can become a risk factor for high blood pressure. Disturbed sleep apnea in which you are not taking enough sleep necessary for your health cause pressure in blood. Obese person weight puts extra pressure on heart which leads to hypertension. Many diabetic patients suffer with hypertension too. These factors can be avoided but there are some risk factors which cannot modifiable such as older age increases risk of high blood. Family history or genetic problems are unnegotiable risk factors. To treat high blood pressure there must a need to change lifestyle in a positive way. It is important to be aware itself and educate people that high blood pressure is not a disease, it can control by taking some preventional measures and by implicating a famous proverb on itself which is “Prevention is better than cure”. To avoid HBP encourage yourself for positive modification such as eating a proper nutritional diet, focus on daily exercise and if you are diabetic and having another disease then take care of your medication. Medication is also a way for treating HBP which can be used for unmodified risk factors but not forget to use them without a doctor’s prescription. Blood pressure machines also helpful in keeping strict eye on varying blood pressure.