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Early detection of kidney function in diabetic kidney disease: An approach to prevent end stage renal disease

Author(s): Raisa N Kazi

Chronic progression of diabetic kidney disease brings a gradual decrease in the renal function. Without early recognition and clinical assessments, would eventually leads to end stage renal failure. The major challenges are to detect it in initial stage or its onset thereby improving diabetic kidney disease outcomes. An insight into the renal function and pathophysiology of diabetic kidney disease will provide an evidence for the renal function impairments. Conventional measurement of albuminuria and glomerular filtration rate are widely being used as marker for detection of renal function impairment in diabetic kidney disease. However, these measures are not accurate having some limitations and are associated with certain percentage of kidney damage. Interestingly recent focus is on the potential use of novel biomarkers for early detection of diabetic kidney disease. Plasma and urinary biomarkers reflecting the glomerular and tubular injury, inflammation and fibrosis considered as being suitable for early detection of diabetic kidney disease. Novel biomarker in identifying kidney disease during the course of diabetes can help to delay or prevents the onset of diabetic kidney disease early enough and possibly prevent the progression towards end stage renal failure. This will have a positive impact on the diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease and decreases the incidence of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Consequently, reducing the burden on health care sector and brings an improvement in the health outcome of the diabetic kidney disease patient.

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