Digital smile analysis and emotion in esthetic dentistry

Author(s): Mohammed Alostaz

A Esthetic is a part of our daily dental practice. Despite the new technologies that have been developed, to facilitate our diagnosis and treatment planning to improve our outcome, dentists still fall into the patient disagreement on the treatment plan or even patient dissatisfaction of the outcome. Patients nowadays have a higher demands which lead to higher expectation especially in esthetic that dentists are not able to match. Emotions per se might refer to anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise. emotions play a major role in the patient decisions especially when it comes to their anterior teeth. Understanding these emotions and the physiology behind them help the dentist to motivate the patient to accept the proposed treatment plan. Digital smile design is a new adjunctive diagnostic tool which is considered as explanatory and motivational tool for the patient. As for the dentist is considered evaluative, demonstrative and marketing tool. Motivational mock up helps both patient and dentist to meet in the middle, in terms of patient expectation and demands and the dentist and the laboratory capability. The lecture will consist of three parts, Picture it, Plan it and Do it. In the first part (Picture it), a brief summery talking about the dental photography and videography in the dental office, as we will talk about the sitting of the camera, equipments needed and sit of pictures to plan a full mouth rehabilitation. As well as how we can engage the patient emotionally so we can plan the case in a more scientific approach. Plan it is the second part of the lecture in this part will talk about different diagnostic tools needed to rehabilitate the case functionally and esthetically. The final part in the lecture (Do it), in this part will show different full clinical case scenario where this technique is done and how both esthetic and function was achieved in these cases. Clinical Cases scenario will range from anterior partial veneers to full mouth rehabilitation (upper and lower jaw)