Development of biodegradable Plant nursery polybags from industrial Lignocellulosic wastes

Author(s): Elwin M and Sreenivasan E

In India, lignocellulosic wastes are generated in huge quantities from various wood-based industries and the management of these materials has not yet gained the much needed attention, although the use of these low cost, abundant biomass resources has recently been projected to play an important role in our sustainable development. Finding new methods of waste utilization could help in our efforts to mitigate global climate change by reducing emissions as well as decreasing dependence upon fossil fuels. In order to address the environmental concerns regarding the use of plastic nursery polybags, the present study was undertaken to explore the possibility of using industrial bio-wastes for making nursery polybags. Biodegradability, root coiling and difficulty in the removal of stocks without shock are some of the major attributes considered during the development of biodegradable plant nursery polybags from industrial lignocellulosic waste materials.