Design and Construction of smart transportation and ticketting system

Author(s): Rahatul Islam

It is the major problem for everyone. In this present scenario, we are designing a GPS-GSM based system which identifies bus exactly at which location it has started recently. For this purpose here we are using GSMGPS connected to the bus. The project implements solution
for enhancing public transportation management services based on GPS and GSM. In this system the message is send to the passenger who are waiting for the that bus when the bus is leave previous station. In this system the passengers are counted automatically. The main goal of this project is to design and implement smart bus transport system using GSM and GPS. Regulating the transport services. In this
paper, a transportation management system is developed for Enhancing public transportation services based on integration of GPS and GSM. GPS is used as a positioning here arduino board plays an important role in designing a smart bus. GSM and GPS is important to send message to the passenger to give information about the bus location. People need to waste lot time. In order to avoid the above
mentioned, you are going to build an innovative smart ticketing card for local trains based on RFID.