Dental diseases in Hypertensive

Author(s): Himani Kulshreshtha

Hypertension is a chronic disease which has been affecting a wide range of population in different countries. It’s medical condition which changes the structural elasticity of blood vessels and leads to stiffness. Specially the large arteries like Aorta. Increased blood pressure is the underlying cause of hypertension which occurs because of various dietary factors, lack of exercise or increase in blood cholesterol due to other various reasons. Hypertension is no more elated to a particular group of people based on race, ethnicity, or age. As, people around the world are changing their habits and moving fast in their lives. Hypertension not only affects the arteries but also affects the eyes, kidney or brain when turns to malignant hypertension. The blood pressure noted here more or equal than 140 mmHg (systolic blood pressure) and more than or equal to 90 mmHg (Diastolic blood pressure).

Rise in blood pressure also affects the dental condition. Dental health refers to be a key indicator of overall health. And most dental diseases share modifiable risk factors with the Non communicable disease like Hypertension or cardio vascular diseases. Gum diseases are more prevalent in these patients. Specifically, periodontitis which is a chronic inflammatory disease. Process involves here is of release of toxic materials by accumulated bacteria and oxidative stress with endothelial dysfunction makes the hypothesis to be tested. On the other hand, certain clinical conditions require surgeries like extraction or impaction of 3rd molar are also associated when we need to manage the hypertension first before moving towards surgeries.