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A reproducible and simple model of permanent cerebral ischemia in CB-17 and SCID mice

Author(s): Akihiko Taguchi, Yukiko Kasahara, Takayuki Nakagomi, David M. Stern, Mari Fukuna-ga, Makoto Ishikawa, Tomohiro Matsuyama

In order to evaluate novel stroke therapies, it is essential to utilize a highly reproducible model of focal cerebral ischemia. Though a range of rodent stroke models has been employed in the literature, there are persistent is-sues regarding reproducibility of the ischemic zone, as there is considerable inter-animal and inter-laboratory variation. We have developed a highly reproducible model of stroke that involves direct electrocoagulation of the MCA in SCID (CB-17/lcr-scid/scidJcl) and CB-17 (CB-17/lcr-+/+Jcl) mice. Using a modification of the Tamura method, our results demonstrate reproducible cortical infarction with high survival in the chronic period (up to 180 days) in SCID and CB-17, but not in C57BL/6, mice. We believe that our preclinical model represents a step forward for testing future therapeutic methods potentially applicable to patients with stroke.

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